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Mir kam heute Mittag beim Warten auf die neue Platte meiner Lieblingsband The National die Idee, dass ich jeden einzelnen Song der Band noch einmal vorher hören könnte. Die Veröffentlichung von “Sleep Well Beast” ist bei uns im Haus sowas wie ein Feiertag und die Marvelnerds gucken das ganze MCU ja schließlich auch noch einmal von vorne bis hinten durch bevor sie im Kino den neuen Thor-Streifen sehen. Also habe ich angefangen und es tatsächlich vor Mitternacht geschafft.

The National

Ich dachte, ich verewige den Reviewthread auch im Blog.

The National (2001): It’s all there already but not really fully realized. Besides a general moodiness, nothing sticks. Lacks melodies.

Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers (2003): Matt found his voice, the instruments are let loose. Strong instrumental parts, yet no real coherence. Incredibly strong standouts, but it kind of fizzles out toward the end and lingers too much on Matt’s lost loves. “Lucky You” is GOAT tho.

Cherry Tree EP (2004): This EP is better than some albums. The precursor of what’s to come with Alligator & the tune that’ll come to define ’em. A stronger emphasis on riffs & drums. There’s a more melodic variety and a balance between a catchy corus and meaningful lyrics. It also features “About Today,” perhaps the most beautiful song about a failing relationship. A start for the emotional anxiety of Boxer.

Alligator (2005): And there it is, the band we love so much. The screaming, the elegiac lyrics, the build-ups, the “sound.” Fully realized.

Boxer (2007): Hard to overstate the importance, timeliness and perfection of this album. Every song lands, the progression is flawless.

The Virginia EP (2008): A mixed bag, although I prefer some of the live recordings to the studio versions. “Blank State” is a lot of fun.

High Violet (2010): Stellar! Lyrically their best album imho and on par with Boxer. Love how the piano balances out the pounding guitars. Extra tweet just to say how much I love the “You’re the voice that’s swallowing my soul” line: Immensely. It’s also the album on which Matt sounds most inebriated which adds, like, so much.

Trouble Will Find Me (2013): I don’t really have an opinion on this album other than it’s their most accessible one. There is a slight shift towards a faster tempo and more pushing drums. Which feels like the natural next step in the evolution of the band. “Don’t Swallow The Cap” is my favorite here. It’s their most pop song ever, while still staying true to their tunes. Great stuff.