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RIP Every Frame a Painting

05 Dec, 2017 · Sascha · Film

Einer der wenigen nicht nervigen Video-Essayisten macht Schlusst. Schade.

But in the past year, we’ve both started new jobs and taken on other freelance work. Things started piling up and it took all our energy to get through the work we’d agreed to do. When we started this YouTube project, we gave ourselves one simple rule: if we ever stopped enjoying the videos, we’d also stop making them. And one day, we woke up and felt it was time.

Wie von Tony und seinem Partner Taylor gewohnt ist die Grabrede vollgestopft mit nützlichen Informationen, ehrlicher Klarheit und tollen Zitaten wie:

It’s very tempting to use Google because it’s so quick and it’s right there, but that’s exactly why you shouldn’t go straight to it. By taking your research to the library, you’re immediately breaking out of the online cycle of repetition, and your work will improve immediately.

Außerdem Respekt an die beiden Typen, dass sie die Cash Cow nicht melken. Auf Patreon würden sie nämlich aktuell immer noch knapp $7,500 pro Video erhalten.