Negan Origin Story Comic Coming Soon - PewPewPew - PewPewPew

Oh, no, you fucking fucks are fucking it up! Listen up, you dumb motherfuckers. This is a horrible fucking idea. Here’s the deal: As part of the new Image+ magazine, Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard will reveal Negan’s origin in a 48-page comic book.

I don’t think I have to explain how fucking dumb of an idea this is. Now, of course the story could be about Negan’s rise to power within the Saviors community, full of great jokes and one-liners or whatever. But if you look at what they’ve done with Michonne, the only other time a character got a comic prequel, well, I hope you’re wearing your shitting pants. It’s not fucking interesting to see how or learn why Negan creates/falls in love with/has sex with Lucille. It only matters what he does with her and what his relationships to his lady is like. And we’ve fucking seen that already.

The fucking mystery is the reason his character is so goddamn beloved. Was he the singer of an 80s hardcore punk band? Was he the leader of motorcycle-drug-gang? Or was he a fucking gym teacher? He could’ve been anything! That’s the beauty of it. I actually fucking love the idea that he’s just a teacher gone rogue but, no, now he’s very likely just going to one thing. Fuck. That. It’s my fucking idea and without a canonized certainty telling me otherwise, it’s a hypothetical reality. Now we’ll get another half-baked idea whose only reason to exist is commerce (and also probably pimping out his tv version). That’s so motherfucking cocksucking dumb.