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Gone Home als Counter-Strike Map

18 Sep, 2014 · Sascha · Games

gone home counter strike

Kategorie: “Hilariously wrong.” Wer Gone Home gespielt hat, wird wohl verstehen, wieso eine Counter-Strike Map so unpassend ist und sich emotional total falsch anfühlt. Aber ich werde mir die Karte jetzt runterladen, spielen und dabei totlachen, aber auch ein bisschen schämen. (via)

1:15 AM
Your family is mysteriously missing again. But you can figure that out later. Right now you have more pressing issues to attend to, like the fact that your house is full of terrorists and some dude has been taken hostage. Rescue him by taking him to the garage where you can make a swift getaway on that old bike thats been sitting there for twenty years.

Max players: 32
Recommended players: significantly less than that.
Hostage spawns randomly each time the map loads.

CS-Workshop: cs_gonehome