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Jack Johnson und Barack Obama

25 Nov, 2009 · Sascha · Musik,Politik

Ich hatte dieses Photo bereits am Tag seiner Entstehung gesehen, mir ausgedruckt und aufgehangen. Jack Johnson und Barack Obama sind die vielleicht für mich prägensten Menschen auf diesem Planeten und, auch wenn ich das Wort per se nicht unbedingt mag, sowas wie Idole. Jetzt habe ich per Zufall gerade einen Artikel von Jacks Frau Kim gefunden in dem sie den Tag Revue passieren lässt.

“As quickly as they descended onto the stage, they waved goodbye to the Ball. This time after walking down the stairs they were ushered in our direction. My heart began to pound loudly and my palms became sweaty. The tall figures moved towards us backlit so we could not make out the expression on their faces. But from about 10 feet away we heard his familiar voice say, “Where’s the local boy?” and then through the shadows appeared his warm and friendly smile.Barack Obama headed straight for Jack and greeted him not with an official stiff-arm handshake, but instead with a casual hand clasp into a hug. “I’m glad to see they got you off the rock!” he said. Jack’s eyes were beaming.”

The day Jack (Johnson) and I met President Obama