Musikvideo: The National – Hard To Find - PewPewPew

The National fanden auf ihren alten Festplatten ein Musikvideo für Hard To Find, definitiv einer meiner Top 3 Songs der Band.

“This video has been buried away for 6 years and I can’t think of a better time than now to share it with the world and add a tiny touch of beauty to what is already lost. In Feb. of 2014 we were half-way through the ‘Trouble Will Find Me’ touring cycle. After finishing a run of great shows in Australia, we had one day-off before the last show on the run, a west coast performance in Perth. We all decided as one big touring-family that we wanted to rent a boat and make a journey to see a series of islands off the coast that are protected nature reserves. As we anchored in one of the bays, we all noticed there was a fearless group of seals swimming around the boat. Brandon and Matt decided to jump in first and to the surprise of us all, the seals started swimming alongside them and playing with us. At the time I always kept a camera with me to add video content to our show if a good opportunity arose. So I jumped in after them and caught this beautifully humanizing moment of Matt swimming with the seals. A memory that reminds me just how lucky we are to be able to share things like this with one another.