Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is a solid title with a bad tagline - PewPewPew - PewPewPew

The Jurassic World sequel finally got a title: Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. So no Jurassic World II or 2 funny business. Numbers and franchises had a bad breakup about a decade ago and they don’t mix well together anymore with risk-averse, long-term studio planning. Besides, Jurassic Park actually kind of started this trend, using Crichton’s original title for the sequel novel, The Lost World, instead of a number. But then they returned back to numbering movies that never happened, like Jurassic Park III.

Now that the long-awaited Jurassic Park IV has been a huge success, we… go back to the island. Again? I know I haven’t been religiously blogging on here about the production as compared to the reboot, but I am following some fan sites as well as a Hawaiian movie tour account on Facebook that posts about film shoots on Oahu. And, well, the dinos are back, baby.

I do like J.A. Bayona, whose The Impossible featured some of the most intense action scenes in recent memory. However, do we really need to be back at Isla Nublar, even if it’s just for a part of the movie? Apparently there’s a conservation angle at play again like in the original Jurassic Park sequel. Ugh! Did the rechristened Park not promise the dinosaurs going global?

Yes, “World” was a nice nod to Disney but did it not ultimately tease the dinosaurs escaping the island and becoming the dominant species again? With Henry Wu escaping the island, the military stuff in Jurassic World as well as the possibility of incorporating BioSyn, InGen’s in-universe, corporate enemy, things kind of looked that way. Bayona and his crew did shoot in London and the English countryside but we’ll just have to see if they save the global dinosaur apocalypse for the sequel or finally deliver the promise teased by Spielberg way back in 1997.

Clouded by a mix of possibility and concern, it’s better to focus on what we already know for certain: The tagline’s bad. Not capital-B Bad, I mean it is the single most iconic line of the franchise and with Jeff Goldblum returning as Dr. Ian Malcolm for a third time it kind of makes sense. But come on, “Fallen Kingdom” does imply the ultimate downfall so why not go with the more logical and more ominous “Life found a way?”

Anyway, it’s been good writing about Jurassic Park again.