Blending Realities: GTA V Visions Photography - PewPewPew

Großartiges Tumblr-Projekt, das einzigartige Screenshots aus GTA V aufnimmt. Mit Photoshop und Real-Life-Kameras werden daraus nochmal realere Photos, die zeigen, wie wunderschön Los Santos wirklich ist. Gab es schon paar mal, aber nie so gut.

The photographic performance of this project is to overlay a material reality with a virtual one, erasing the border between the two worlds. It is a response to the proliferation of visual projects that take place in virtual spaces. It is a questioning about the notion of border and territory. A mix of two distinct realities into a single image. I want to show that we can use a virtual space in conceptual photography and approach these areas with the same sensitivity as the physical space.