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Schönes neues Interview von Esquire mit Damon Lindelof und Carlton Cuse über LOST. Schlechte Episoden, Fantheorien, das Ende, Reboot – alles dabei.

ESQ: What was your favorite online Lost theory?

CC: There was a theory that it was all taking place in the dog’s head.

DL: One of the most popular theories during the first season was that they were in purgatory — that they had all died on the plane. That was not our favorite theory because it feels like we were saying it in season one, we were saying it in season two, and we’re saying it three years after the show ended that it wasn’t that.

CC: It’s okay, nobody believes us.

DL: We’re as unreliable as narrators come. But then another popular theory was that the island itself was some sort of crashed spaceship and the hatch only fed into that thinking. The idea was when they blast this thing open and go down they’re going to be inside of some UFO and then the island is just going to lift off out of the water and blast into space for season two. There was a part of me that was always like, “It would be so great if we actually did that!”

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