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Kurzfilm: Nostalgies

27 Oct, 2013 · Sascha · Kurzfilm

via MindsDelight

Der Abschlussfilm von Nicolas Lefaucheux ist ein Mashup aus kleinen Video- und Audioschnipsel zum Thema Nostalgie. VHS-Ästhetik, nachdenklich und emotional. Passt perfekt zu einem so verregneten Sonntag wie heute.

There are as many nostalgias as there are times, countries, nationalities, traditions, beings. In order to capture the plurality of the definition, the chosen role for this purpose is that of a documentarist, an interpreter, an aesthetic observant. The film is a visual experimentation exploring these different definitions by putting together different audio and visual testimonies. Going backwards, forwards, the mind recreate a new time ; not a new house nor a lost city, but a new present.