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Meeting An Astronaut

18 Oct, 2013 · Sascha · Literatur

Tolles Essay der freischaffenden Autorin Becky Chambers über ihre inspirerende Begegnung mit einer NASA Astronautin und wieso Science Fiction so wichtig ist.

Astronaut“Oh, come on,” my mom scoffed, leading me over. “How often do you get to meet an astronaut?”

She waited for an opening among the photo-snapping kids, and got the astronaut’s attention. “This is my daughter,” my mom said. I shook the astronaut’s hand. “She writes science fiction.”

And just like that, I wanted to disappear.

The astronaut smiled. “Oh, cool,” she said.

I could feel my cheeks flush. I gave my head a little shake. “Not like what you do,” I said. Because it’s true, I do write science fiction, but I have no published proof of that yet. And even if I had been standing there with book in hand, or ten books, even, how could that ever compare? The woman I was shaking hands with had been through the NASA training gauntlet. She had a PhD. She flew fighter jets. She would go to space one day. Me, I make up stuff about aliens and talking computers. It was a joke compared to her.

But the astronaut looked between me and my mom, and she said, “What you guys do gets us up there.”

Tor: What The Astronaut Said.