Dokumentation: Someday Somewhere Beyond - PewPewPew

Ich bin generell (und dank LEOs Comic Aldebaran momentan wieder) sehr an der Kolonialisierung des Weltalls interessiert und da kommt mir diese kurze Dokumentation von Regisseur Jonathan Minard gerade recht. Er begleitete mehrere junge Menschen aus aller Welt bei ihrem Zusammentreffen auf dem Space Settlement Design Contest der NASA und was man dort hört, macht einem echt Hoffnung. The future is bright!

By keying in on the students’ dreams—rather than on more logical or technocratic arguments—filmmaker Jonathan Minard hopes to bring the conversation about space settlement to an emotional place, focusing on aspiration and the strange feeling of longing for the imaginary. Someday Somewhere Beyond, he explains, “is really about a form of wanderlust, an innate drive to explore and build a better future. When people watch it, I want them to feel the mixture of hope, nostalgia, wonder, anxiety and terror—the full spectrum of emotions that dreaming of space elicits.” All those emotions, tossed together in zero-gravity, trigger an as-yet-unfamiliar pathos: “I want the documentary to make audiences feel homesick for a future that has yet to arrive,” Minard asserts.