The Ultimate Breaking Bad Tribute Video - PewPewPew

YouTuber narvinek schneidet für sein Leben gerne sog. Tribute Videos und über die Jahre hinweg begleitete er Breaking Bad. Nun gibt es sein Tribute für die gesamte Serie zu sehen, auf das ich mich seit Wochen freute und, nachdem ich es gesehen habe, für die definitive Zusammenfassung der Serie in dieser Form halte. Fantastisch.

I see “Ozymandias” as a real ending of a Breaking Bad story. The last two episodes are an epilogue to Walter’s journey. I didn’t want to end video with his death, becouse it would be to easy and too obvious choice. If someone watched the last episode, he knows what’s coming next (after Walt opens his trunk) and I wanted to just give a taste of the last episode here. Hope you will like it as much as the previous ones, becouse it took me a lot od time to finish it. Goodbye, Breaking Bad.