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A Quiet Place Gets An Ominous Print

20 Jun, 2019 · Sascha · Kunst

Pssst! Everyone, be quiet for a second. There’s a new print for A Quiet Place by Mike Saputo for Mondo on sale right now and if you’re sneaky enough, you might be able to still get one!

24″x36″ Screenprinted Poster
Edition of 275
Printed by DL Screenprinting

I wasn’t the biggest fan of Mondo’s last effort, which was way too muted in my opinion, but I think this one really seals the deal. While the sonar wave thingy is elementary at best at this point and even typical for decline of Mondo, the vertical view is a nice way to open up the world and show that something is lurking beyond surface level of the film, which makes it quite ominous.