Oumuamua Interview: Haben Aliens uns gefunden? - PewPewPew

Isaac Chotiner vom New Yorker hat Harvard-Professor Avi Loeb zu Oumuamua und dessen Artikel im Scientific American interviewt, wo Loeb die mir auch nicht mehr aus dem Kopf gehenden Fakten zu dem … Ding zusammenfasst. Es ist schwer darin nicht ein verpasstes Rendezvous with Rama Szenario zu erkennen. Was, wenn wir die Möglichkeiten gehabt hätten, Oumuamua früher zu entdecken oder eventuell sogar abzufangen? Der Gedanke macht mich verrückt.

I approached this with a scientific mind, like I approach any other problem in astronomy or science that I work on. The point is that we follow the evidence, and the evidence in this particular case is that there are six peculiar facts. And one of these facts is that it deviated from an orbit shaped by gravity while not showing any of the telltale signs of cometary outgassing activity. So we don’t see the gas around it, we don’t see the cometary tail. It has an extreme shape that we have never seen before in either asteroids or comets. We know that we couldn’t detect any heat from it and that it’s much more shiny, by a factor of ten, than a typical asteroid or comet. All of these are facts. I am following the facts.

The New Yorker: Have Aliens Found Us?