Die Menschheit ist wahrscheinlich die einzige intelligente Spezies in der Milchstraße - PewPewPew

Ein neues Modell hat das Fermi Paradox “gelöst”:

One can answer [the Fermi Paradox] by saying intelligence is very rare, but then it needs to be tremendously rare. Another possibility is that intelligence doesn’t last very long, but it is enough that one civilization survives for it to become visible. Attempts at explaining it by having all intelligences acting in the same way (staying quiet, avoiding contact with us, transcending) fail since they require every individual belonging to every society in every civilization to behave in the same way, the strongest sociological claim ever. Claiming long-range settlement or communication are impossible requires assuming a surprisingly low technology ceiling. Whatever the answer is, it more or less has to be strange.”

Sprich: Die Menschheit ist wahrscheinlich die einzige intelligente Spezies in der Milchstraße. Das macht unsere Existenz noch ein Stück mehr besonders und die Eroberung anderer Himmelskörper in unseren Sonnensystem ist noch dringlicher geworden, sodass wir ein Extinction Level Event überstehen können. Ernüchternd, aber auch auch ermutigend. Niemand wird uns helfen, also müssen wir unsere Probleme selbst bewältigen. Auf Hilfe von außen ist kein Verlass.

In the end, the team’s conclusions do not mean that humanity is alone in the Universe, or that the odds of finding evidence of extra-terrestrial civilizations (both past and present) is unlikely. Instead, it simply means that we can say with greater confidence – based on what we know – that humanity is most likely the only intelligent species in the Milky Way Galaxy at present.

And of course, this all comes down to the uncertainties we currently have to contend with when it comes to SETI and the Drake Equation. In that respect, the study conducted by Sanberg, Drexler and Ord is an indication that much more needs to be learned before we can attempt to determine just how likely ETI is out there.