The Works of Tony Scott

10 Mar, 2013 · Sascha · Film

Last year the film community suffered the tragic loss of a beloved talent; the great Tony Scott. He was an auteur who boasted an unparalleled blend of momentum and humanity in all of his work. We all knew that great time at the movies was a guarantee whenever Tony was behind the camera. Looking back at his legacy it’s clear he was never afraid to try new things with his style. Even when adjusting his own directorial methods over time, the quality of his films never ceased. His strive for boldness over his career was something I wanted to capture in this extensive installment of The Works, but more importantly, the immortal legacy that he’s left behind.

You’ll never be forgotten Tony, this one’s for you.

  • DerBesserwisser

    Eine der prägenden Gestalten des 80er Jahre Actionskinos, der aber leider auch nicht so richtig verstanden hat, dass manche Konzepte nur in einem gewissen politischen bzw. gesellschaftlichen Kontext funktionieren – wobei “Man of Fire” ja eigentlich noch ganz gut war.