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Schwarzes Loch frisst Stern

11 Apr, 2011 · Sascha · Wissenschaft · Comments

Wow. Ein NASA Satellit hat umwerfende Daten aufgefangen und bisher lässt sich für dieses ungewöhnliche Ereignis nur eine Konsequenz ziehen: Da muss ein schwarzes Loch einen ganzen Stern vom Sternenhimmel aufgesogen haben.

On March 28, 2011, NASA’s Swift satellite caught a flash of high-energy X-rays pouring in from deep space. Swift is designed to do this, and since its launch in 2004 has seen hundreds of such things, usually caused by stars exploding at the ends of their lives. But this time was hardly “usual”. It didn’t see a star exploding as a supernova, it saw a star literally getting torn apart as it fell too close to a black hole!

The event was labeled GRB 110328A –a gamma-ray burst seen in 2011, third month (March) on the 28th day (in other words, last week). Normal gamma-ray bursts are when supermassive stars collapse (or ultra-dense neutron stars merge) to form a black hole. This releases a titanic amount of energy, which can be seen clear across the Universe.

And those last two characteristics are certainly true of GRB 110328A; it’s nearly four billion light years away*, and the ferocity of its final moments is not to be underestimated: it peaked at a solid one trillion times the Sun’s brightness!

Astronomers may have witnessed a star torn apart by a black hole

Kurzfilm: The Black Hole

28 Sep, 2009 · Sascha · Film · Comments

Director: Diamond Dugs