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Und gleich nochmal Jonathan Mann, der dem TNG-Auftakt “Encounter At Farpoint” einen wunderschön poppigen Liebesong widmet. There’s nothing sweeter than space squid in love!

Der Alligator Loki Song

22 Jul, 2021 · Sascha · Fernsehen,Musik · Comments

Jonathan Mann (A Song A Day) ist ebenso wie ich völlig verzaubert vom neuen Helden des MCUs.

Tim Apple Songified

16 Mar, 2019 · Sascha · Musik · Comments

Science Sunday #40: MOONMOON

14 Oct, 2018 · Sascha · Wissenschaft · Comments

Juna Kollmeier at Carnegie Observatories in Pasadena, California, and Sean Raymond at the University of Bordeaux, France calculated whether a moon orbiting a planet could have a moon of its own.

A moon of a moon has no formal name, perhaps because we have never spotted one, but both submoon and moonmoon have been suggested. (via)

Elon Musk Is Not Smart

26 May, 2018 · Sascha · Musik · Comments

Roboter Zucc im Altenheim

11 Apr, 2018 · Sascha · Internetgold · Comments

Keep it up, Zucc, you’re doing great!

3 Years To The Day

20 Jul, 2015 · Sascha · Musik,Personal · Comments