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Schon ein bisschen älter, aber trotzdem cool: Ein paar Fans haben sich die 35mm Kinoversionen von Star Wars gekauft und über Jahre mit viel Liebe eingescannt und restauriert. Mehr Informationen über die Arbeit und den Download lassen sich auf der Seite des Projekts finden.

When a film is professionally scanned in 16-bit color as DPX image files, every single frame weighs in at 100 MB. With upwards of 175,000 frames in each film, a complete scan requires about 21 TB of storage (42 TB if you want a backup copy! And then you need at least another 21 TB of space to work on it – over $1000 just in hard drives is therefore required for every film). Having the film cleaned prior to scanning costs another $870 (plus about $75 shipping each way) and then the scanning costs between $2000 and $15,000, depending on where you send it. And this is all excluding the cost of buying the prints (the Star Wars LPP was $2000, the latest Empire print was $5000). So please do consider donating. It all goes into an account used only for funding these projects.