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Monsters Trailer

09 Sep, 2010 · Sascha · Film · Comments

Unkle ‘The Answer’

08 Sep, 2010 · Sascha · Film · Comments

Dir: John Hillcoat / UK / 2010

Pures Internetgold, welches ab 3:10 erst richtig anfängt zu strahlen.

via: 5Filmfreunde

Portal 2 Co-Op Trailer

06 Sep, 2010 · Sascha · Games · Comments

Inception Cat

05 Sep, 2010 · Sascha · Featured,Internetgold · Comments

Inception Cat is trying to break into your house.

Windows macht Werbung für ihre neue Technologie, die mehrere Bilder miteinander zu einem großen synchronisiert und macht einen Clip mit PaulWOAH! FULL ON! DOUBLE RAINBOW ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE SKYVasquez. FUCK YEAH!

How do you capture a full on, double rainbow, all the way across the sky in a single shot? You don’t! As Paul “Bear” Vasquez himself shows us, you do it in three.

With Windows Live Photo gallery, you can use Photostitch to combine adjacent photos and capture that giant double rainbow in a single panorama photograph!

Hobo With A Shotgun Trailer

03 Sep, 2010 · Sascha · Film · Comments

A corrupt, criminal and sick city. One hobo with a shotgun is sick of these fuckers.

That is all.

via: /Film “It’s gruesome; it’s violent; it’s completely insane.”