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02 Nov, 2022 · Sascha · Politik

Überwachungskünstler Sam Lavigne baute einen Supercut aus über 600 Stunden geleaktem Polizeihelicoptermaterial, das hochauflösende Zoom-Shot unseres Alltags zeigt.

Two things are immediately striking to me about the footage. First, I am amazed and disturbed by the level of detail that the camera is able to capture, by the proximity it achieves. The police helicopters are not merely tracking groups of people, they are nearly able to identify individual faces. Second, I am struck by the design of the interface itself: the sci-fi overlay of street names, borders, parcel numbers, target distances, and so on.

It’s as if the makers of this camera system have used the fantasy surveillance aesthetics commonly found in cop movies and TV shows as a design guide for their real system. They have transformed those clichéd surveillance tropes into reality.

Unterlegt mit “Hacker” von Death Grips ergibt sich eine tanzbarer Cybersurveillancealptraum.