Musikvideo: Sufjan Stevens – Fourth of July - PewPewPew

Zum zehnjährigen Jubiläum von Sufjans Erfolgsalbum Carrie & Lowell gab es dieses schöne Lichtermeer zu einer neuen Version von “Fourth of July”, die noch emotionaler wirkt als das Original. Einfach ein unvergesslicher Song.

The original version of “Fourth of July” appeared on Sufjan’s album, Carrie & Lowell — a deeply personal album written to process his sorrow after the death of his mother, Carrie. Sufjan would work and rework, and record and re-record, trying to manage the grief. The refrain of the song, “We’re all gonna die,” became an anchor in each version he recorded. At the time of its release and when Sufjan would perform the song live on tour, this lyric and fact of life seemed to shock listeners. Yet its solemnity invited them to feel comfort, connection — even joy — wrought from great pain.

The song has recently had a resurgence with listeners — which may speak to a deep national grief and a yearning to heal. As we head into this Fourth of July weekend — a U.S. holiday marked by war (and death) — it seems the exact correct time to be sharing them.