Alone on Isla Nublar: Trailer for Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous Season 2 - PewPewPew

I’m about to start season two and I just quickly wanted to pump this out beforehand: Season 1 of Camp Cretaceous was a bit of a welcome surprise. It’s a little series retelling the events of Jurassic World from the perspective of a group of young teens, who have arrived on Isla Nublar as tourists.

Each one of them is unique enough to entertain throughout the very short order of just eight episodes, which are roughly 20 minutes long each. Overall, you end up with about the size of an animated movie in the larger Jurassic story. Some threads left dangling at the end of season 2 might lead to some interesting story developments, but let’s not beat around the bush, the real stars of the show are the dinosaurs themselves. Camp Creteaceous featured nicely realized dinosaur models from ILM but also portrayed them as animals again, reminiscing the naturalistic and non-anthropomorphized way only the very first Jurassic Park originally showed them.

The show is nothing to write home about but it had a surprising amount of real, actual death shown on screen, considering this is conceptually a kids’ show, and it leaves us at the end with a very enticing scenario. The kids are left on the island and, as far as we know, nothing really happens on Isla Nublar until the opening shots of Fallen Kingdom, which take place about three years later. After faithfully clinging to the plot (sometimes featuring impressive, complimetary shot-reverse-shots from the movie) of Jurassic World, it’s exciting to have an open playing field the second season.

Especially considering the additional and I now believe fourth dinosaur cloning company which might feature nicely into Dominion next year. Seeing as the movie was originally slated to come out this year and Camp Cretaceous being a normal DreamWorks split-season-order, there’s a non-zero chance of the end possibly leading into a world already populated with dinosaurs, mirroring last year’s short The Battle at Big Rock.

Based on the trailer, season two will feature some fan favorites when it comes to the main attractions and since the children will have to scavenge their way across the island, the potential for heavy nostlagic callbacks is huge. Something the first season cleverly avoided while instead expanding on the idea of actual park attractions and overall scenery. There wasn’t that much of it at the end of the day and the park seemed unusually empty at times, but it was enough to keep an old fan like me, who built his own park using the Kenner toy line back in the day. So I am hyped to see what else they might discover on the island and how they actually get back, since I don’t assume they will stay on the island for years to come. Perhaps Lockwood will come to play a lot earlier than we’ve assumed, or maybe they find other people who survived the events of the movie? There’s a lot to uncover.