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Honest Trailer – LOST

19 Dec, 2020 · Sascha · Fernsehen

I used to post these videos all the freaking time but I think we have all collectively decided to leave them behind three to four years ago. Now they pop into my feed at times and I remember why we did. The thing with it like with all successful concepts is that once they grow too big or too successful, their original take, the single aspect which once made them a thing, becomes their biggest risk. Being honest means having an opinion and being too honest means risking to offend viewers, so now these things have become so milktoast, so middle-of-the-road, that they just become a trip down memory lane, regurgitating what the mandela effect affected internet has deemed worthy, so it becomes the only way these works are remembered or talked about.

Having said all that, I am not offended by any of this. It is true that some of the characers’ arcs mirror each other or that some answers led to more questions but those were just means to a narrative and thematic end, and this is where mainstream internet discourse usually stops. And since this video series has become a whole business-supporting venture, it doesn’t even feel like genuine take, thus reducing its subject to punching bags. You can tell the people behind it have grown to dislike the format as well and pull their punches. The lack of originality or humor reflects that development painfully. As does the lack of research they put into this stuff. I mean, it’s 2020 and people still consider Abrams the face behind the show?

As I said, I used to like these videos a lot. But you can’t pull your punches if you’re up against a giant.

Anyway, LOST rules.