Hellblade 2 Teaser delivers nightmarish images - PewPewPew

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice was a masterclass in visual and sensory storytelling through the player’s environment. No HUD, no minimap, no instructions – which leaves you feeling incredibly alone, confused, and scared; coincidentally also the perfect summary of Senua’s experience exploring the land of the Northmen. It also looked pretty sexy, coming from an indie developer and all.

Ninja Theory announced the sequel, which is coming to Xbox Series X first, during The Game Awards and it offers a super dark, moody, and atmospheric look into the grim world of the sequel. Those staggering POV shots from what I assume has to be some sort of procession are already haunting my dreams. Of course, all this is neatly tied together by a gripping new song from Heilung, a German pagan metal band, which makes Senua appear even more unhinged.

Bottom line: If this the future of gaming, we good fam.