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AI-generated Terraformed Mars

02 Jul, 2019 · Sascha · Film

SHI Weili hat basierend auf Satellitenbildern und topografischen Daten neurale Netzwerke gelehrt, den Mars wie die Erde aussehen zu lassen. Sehr beeindruckendes Ergebnis, genau wie seine marsianische Erde, das zum Nachdenken anregt.

What I present here is planet Mars in a visual style that resembles our own planet. For this project, I have trained an artificial neural network with topographical data and satellite imagery of Earth so that it can learn the relation between them. The trained model was then applied to topographical data of Mars to generate images that resemble satellite imagery of Earth. Terra Mars suggests a new approach to creative applications of artificial intelligence—using its capability of remapping to broaden the domain of artistic imagination.