VHS-Trailer for Retro-Sci-Fi Film PROSPECT - PewPewPew

I’ve been meaning to write about Prospect, the first feature film by filmmakers Zeek Earl and Christopher Caldwell. I’ve been a fan of their work ever since their first short film In The Pines and was an avid supporter of their next short film/pitch Prospect, a story about a girl and her father hunting for the alien equivalent of gold on a frontier planet. Their results was simply stunning; its atmosphere, costumes and props made the film stand out amidst the crowded field of science-fiction shorts. Prospect showed their natural habitat of the Pacific Northwest in such a way that their alien world seemed real, palpable and beautiful.

Last year they turned the short into a fully fledged space western feature, a genre that is almost completely unexplored in their realistic approach. I loved the film and have been meaning to write a review about it for a while. So in the meantime, here’s this pretty great retro VHS-trailer for the film which captures the DIY-lofi-indie quality as well as the mood quite well.

VHS style trailer for PROSPECT, a new space western starring Pedro Pascal. Prospect was heavily inspired by the practical sci fi movies we watched as kids: original Star Wars, 2001, Alien, Bladerunner. We watched these movies in our living rooms on VHS tapes. We cut this retro trailer as an homage to an era when making science fiction meant making a lot physical stuff. You can’t see the film on VHS, but it’s on bluray, iTunes, and a bunch of other platforms.