Apollo 11 Trailer: Mondlande-Doku in IMAX - PewPewPew

Zum 50-jährigen Jubiläum der ersten Mondlandung wird ein Dokumentarfilm die Apollo 11 Mission noch einmal neu in bisher unveröffentlichtem 70mm Footage zeigen. Sieht im Trailer schon atemberaubend aus. Ich fange schon mal an zu beten, dass das Technikmuseum in Speyer das Ding in IMAX zeigen wird.

Apollo 11 hat noch kein Startdatum, lief aber schon auf dem Sundance Filmfestival und David Ehrlich gefiel er ganz gut:

Honestly, Miller is selling it short. It’s one thing to boast about the specs of these images, and quite another to see the spruced up footage for yourself. It’s rare that picture quality can inspire a physical reaction, but the opening moments of “Apollo 11,” in which a NASA camera crew roams around the base of the rocket and spies on some of the people who’ve come to gawk at it from a beach across the water, are vivid enough to melt away the screen that stands between them. The clarity takes your breath away, and it does so in the blink of an eye; your body will react to it before your brain has time to process why, after a lifetime of casual interest, you’re suddenly overcome by the sheer enormity of what it meant to leave the Earth and land somewhere else. By tricking you at a base sensory level into seeing the past as though it were the present, Miller cuts away the 50 years that have come between the two, like a heart surgeon who cuts away a dangerous clot so that the blood can flow again. Such perfect verisimilitude is impossible to fake. It took Damien Chazelle’s “First Man” a long time to make audiences forget they knew how this story ends; “Apollo 11” accomplishes that same feat in milliseconds.