The OA Flashmob vor dem Trump Tower - PewPewPew - PewPewPew

Ich kann gar nicht annähernd in Worte fassen, wie laut und lange ich gerade auflachen muss. Ich befürchte, ich habe mir tatsächlich gerade einen Muskelkater in den Bauch gelacht. Wieso genau das so cringetastisch ist in meiner Review zu Netflix’ The OA nachzulesen. (via meinem Memebruder im Geiste, Christian Alt)

What started out as an idea amongst friends became a reality. We were obsessed with the Netflix show “The OA” and it’s use of movement to open new dimensions, and thought, “What if we did these movements in front of a Trump building? Would the power of the Five Movements work to protect us all from the darker forces at work in our country and the world?”