Mondo veröffentlicht TWIN PEAKS: FIREWALK WITH ME Schallplatte - PewPewPew

Die perfekte Ergänzung zu dem Twin Peaks Score aus dem letzten Jahr gibt es ab dem 23. Januar bei Mondo zu ergattern. Das verdammt hübsche Design kommt erneut von Jay Shaw.

Fire Walk With Me is an altogether more brooding affair than the Twin Peaks series soundtrack. Badalamenti won a grammy for the title track of this LP and it’s not hard to see why- it’s dangerous, and bursting with smokey jazz thanks to Jimmy Scott. We went back to the master tapes in the Warner Archives and had this recut to fit across two LPs as the score clocks in at 51 minutes. It sounds incredible and punchy, but super nuanced too,” said Mondo Record Label Manager Spencer Hickman.

“The simple truth is that, for years, too few people had heard the score because the film had been so widely, wrong-headedly dismissed. Today, Fire Walk With Me is recognised as a lost classic, and Badalamenti’s music is right at the heart of its reassessment. Having loved it from the outset (I gave the film a rare rave review on its first release), I remain utterly devoted to this superb soundtrack album, and to the shimmering visions which it still conjures up after more than two decades of delirious, devoted listening,” film critic Mark Kermode (excerpt from the liner notes).

Ich habe übrigens still und heimlich mit Twin Peaks angefangen, um dann in ein paar Monaten voll dabei zu sein.