In Search Of Yak Face: A ‘Star Wars’ Story - PewPewPew

UproxxIch liebe diesen Artikel von Mike Ryan über seine Erfahrung auf der Star Wars Celebration so sehr (und er deckt sich auch mit meinem Eindruck von der Celebration Europe II), dass ihn nicht nur retweete, sondern im Blog verewigen möchte.

“Now, I’ll say this as someone who loves Star Wars: Star Wars Celebration is a lot. By the third day, I was Star Wars’d out. I think I said out loud, “I may hate Star Wars.” (This wasn’t true: but take something you love and mainline a concentrated version of that for three days and a human being can start to dislike anything.) Celebration isn’t as daunting as something like, say, San Diego Comic-Con (it’s not nearly as big), but it’s still three days of being surrounded by lots and lots of people, all of whom love Star Wars. As I get older, my patience for being in a large crowd of people has dissipated. I used to look at reclusiveness as odd behavior, but now I’m starting to think recluses have the right idea. Crowds are for suckers. Even if half the crowd is dressed as a Sith Lord.”

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