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» Notes on watching “Aliens” for the first time again, with a bunch of kids

» There’s no universal “right age” for Aliens, or any other movie

» The First Few Minutes of World War III Will Look Like in 2012-2015

Super intensiver Found-Footage-Short über den Beginn des dritten Weltkriegs aus Israel.

» Mathematicians Work Out Zombie Apocalypse Plan

Modeling what might happen in a small community is hard—a single heroic individual or a particularly lively zombie could change the course of events. But as the numbers of humans and zombies run into the millions, probabilistic techniques come to the fore. “Each possible interaction—zombie bites human, human kills zombie, zombie moves, etc.—is treated like a radioactive decay, with a half-life that depends on some parameters,” says Alemi.

Not surprisingly, the modeling turned up a lot of problems with the way outbreaks are represented in films and books. Instead of a near-simultaneous apocalypse with a few communities holding out, the team found that cities would quickly become zombified, but most rural areas would stay safe for weeks or months.

» George Lucas On Why He’s Done With Star Wars: ‘All You Do Is Get Criticized’

Armer, armer George. Vielleicht kann er uns ja mit seinen kleinen, experimentellen Filmen noch einmal überzeugen?

“Why would I make any more, when everybody yells at you all the time and says what a terrible person you are? You go to make a movie and all you do is get criticized, and people try to make decisions about what you’re going to do before you do it. You know, it’s not much fun. You can’t experiment.”

» Star Wars Boba Fett figure sells for £18,000 at auction

» Making of ‘Lego Movie’: 7 Years, a Trip to Denmark and a Race Against the Disney-Lucasfilm Deal Clock


» Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Arsenal of Epic Battle Props

Die WIRED hat 50 Aufnahmen von Star Wars: The Force Awakens Props, hauptsächlich von Waffen und Helmen.

» The Artists Who Paint Dinosaurs

The Atlantic hat ein hübsches Profil über einen meiner Lieblingsillustratoren Simon Stålenhag geschrieben, der sich neuerdings nun auch für Paleo Art aka Dinos malen interessiert.

» 80 hi-res, textless posters

Braucht jemand einen neuen Hintergrund für sein Smartphone?

» Stylish (and free) Blu-Ray Slipcovers by Miguel Roselló… for the entire Disney Animated Feature Film Collection

» Hypothetical Tokyo Ghibli Land Created by Japanese Illustrator TAKUMI

» The Binge Director – Steven Soderbergh can make a whole season of The Knick almost as fast as you can watch it.

» Meet the Two Guys Who Are Doomed to Watch ‘Grown Ups 2’ for Eternity

» The Hobbit: The Tolkien Edit

» Die GIGA GAMES/Rocketbeans-Leute über #GamerGate. /fullack

» ‘Drive’ Director Nicolas Winding Refn On Spending $100K To Make ‘The Most Expensive Poster Book Ever Made’

» Loneliness of Sofia Coppola – Ein Video-Essay