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Action Man: Battlefield Casualties

25 Jun, 2015 · Sascha · Politik,Toys

Die Organisation Veterans For Peace UK hat als Protest gegen die Früherziehung von Soldaten im Kinderzimmer Battlefield Casualties ins Leben gerufen und zusammen mit Regisseur Price James und der unverwechselbaren Stimme von Matt Berry eine super effektive und rabenschwarze Parodie der Action Man Werbespots aus den Neunzigern gedreht. (via)

The UK is one of only nineteen countries worldwide, and the only EU member, that still recruits 16 year olds into its armed forces, (other nations include Iran and North Korea). The vast majority of countries only recruit adults aged 18 and above, but British children, with the consent of their parents, can begin the application process to join the army aged just 15.1

The UK’s child recruitment policy has been challenged at various times by the Joint Committee on Human Rights, the Defence Committee, the Equality and Human Rights Commission, major child rights organisations, Amnesty, the National Union of Teachers, the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child and veterans themselves. Successive governments have ignored all these calls to review the policy.