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Marty McFly ist Diabetiker

11 May, 2015 · Sascha · Film

Redditor HumanTrafficCone hat sich die Back To The Future Trilogie angesehen und kommt zu dem Ergebnis, dass Marty McFly Diabetiker sein muss.

I’m reasonably sure that Marty McFly is trying to watch his sugar intake, possibly due to diabetes, in a strange subplot of Back to the Future.

At the start of BttF when the camera pans around Marty’s room, we see a can of “Diet Pepsi Free” next to alarm clock.

Later when he’s having dinner with his family after Biff has wrecked the car, he’s drinking a Diet Pepsi.

When he’s sent back to 1955 he tries to order a Tab (a sugar free soda), again tries to order a Pepsi free, and finally settles for “something without any sugar” in Lou’s Cafe.

Ich vergesse jetzt mal naheliegende Produktplatzierungserklärungen sowie andere logische Einwände und erkenne dies als kanon an.