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Astronauts watching GRAVITY on the ISS

26 Apr, 2015 · Sascha · Film

Das ist wie…
All Is Lost auf einem Bootsausflug
The Thing in der Antarktika
Titanic auf einer Kreuzfahrt
United 93 während eines Fluges
zu gucken.

Screen Innovations hat das Ding entwickelt und ein nettes BtS-Video und jede Menge Infos anzubieten.

Before installation of SI’s screen, the only form of communication available to astronauts on the ISS was via tablet-sized, 13-inch displays. As you can well imagine, the larger screen will allow crewmembers to experience images of their families that are closer to life-size, and to feel as if their loved ones are there with them in the cabin. Along with video chatting, the crew had also used small laptop computers for training and simulated operation of the ISS’s robotic arm. Obviously, the benefits of using these types of applications on a much larger screen are, literally, huge.

Apropos Familie: Auf Reddit wurde schon eine Photoshopaktion gestartet und hier ist das definitive Mashup.

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