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Jar Jar Binks x Shakespeare

03 Apr, 2015 · Sascha · Literatur

Ian Doeschers höchst erfolgreiche Shakespeare-Versionen der Star Wars Filme fängt jetzt, an die Prequels zu adaptierten und die erste Vorschau lässt Großes erwarten. (via)

Jar Jar: A man approacheth, cloth’d in Jedi garb.
Belike this man brings aid unto Naboo
Such as will help my people and my land.
Mayhap this is the chance I have desir’d!
For I have wander’d lo these many months
A’thinking o’er this planet’s dreary fate:
Two peoples separated by their fear
And prejudice, which e’er doth make us shirk
From giving help unto each other. Aye,
It may be that the only hope for us
To be united is to realize
That our two Fates are tightly knit as one.
Perchance this Jedi, follow’d by these droids
Doth bring the words to break our deep mistrust.
I shall make introduction, in my way—
Portray the part that I have learn’d so well:
It doth befit the human prejudice
To think we Gungans simple, low and rude.
I shall approach him thusly, yet shall bend
Him to the path that shall assist us all.
Put on thy simple wits now, Jar Jar Binks:
Thus play the role of clown to stoke his pride.

Ich erwarte eine Hörbuchadaption davon mit Ahmed Best! William Shakespeare’s The Phantom of Menace: Star Wars Part the First [Amazon-Partnerlink] erscheint am 7. April