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SUNIL: Want to form a human connection?

ED: I’d rather make microtransactions on the eye-closing social media.

ED closes his eyes. SUNIL closes his eyes, too, but in despair.

JOHN: I feel sad. Let’s become drunk.

JOHN and MOLLY put electronic devices on their necks that make their brains feel as if they are drunk.

JOHN: That was good. I want to become sober again.

They put the electronic devices onto their necks and become sober again.

JOHN: The way we do things now is better than before.

MOLLY: Or maybe worse?

JOHN: I honestly hadn’t considered that.

A holographic advertisement plays on a really thin television.

JEFF: Do you like this Guinness ad?

SUNIL: I love this Guinness ad.

JEFF: Me, too. I love it more than my family.

JEFF’S FAMILY is huddled in a corner, starving.

A DELIVERY MAN rolls in a keg.

DELIVERY MAN: Here’s the Guinness you just now ordered.

JEFF: Put it in the corner, on my family.

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