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Der 1953er Film gehört nicht zu meinen Lieblingsadaptionen von Wells’ Roman, aber ich liebe dieses Poster von Stan & Vince, die dank Nautilus nun internationale Printberühmtheit erlangt haben. Geiles Teil, geht in wenigen Minuten online, weshalb ich es hier recht kurz halte. Good luck, ladies and gentlemen!

Hier die unglaublich krasse Glow-in-the-Dark-Variant Edition und zwei Sketche:

Stan & Vince zu ihrem Print:

Byron Haskin’s WAR OF THE WORLDS was released 62 years ago, and even though we weren’t around at the time, this movie was made for us. We KNOW it! Byron Haskin had to know that his movie was to be aired decades later in front of our 80s teenage eyes, printing powerful, everlasting images in our brains. We’re pretty sure he also knew that Mondo was going to ask us to work on a poster for this movie! To recapture the taste and flavor of H.G. Well’s story put in those glorious fifties frames and make people hear the sizzling sound of the saucers’ deadly death rays.