Mondo veröffentlicht Weihnachtsprint für Kevin – Allein Zu Haus - PewPewPew

Home Alone by DKNG. 18″x24″ screen print. Hand numbered. Edition of 275. Printed by DKNG. $40

Schicker Print von DKNG für Kevin – Allein Zu Haus, den Mondo morgen so ungefähr zwischen 17 und 19 Uhr deutscher Zeit zum Verkauf anbieten wird. Würde ich mir persönlich jetzt nicht zulegen, aber ich finde es einfach erstaunlich, wie viel das Duo mit gerade einmal vier Farben hier angestellt hat.

“When approaching a concept for Home Alone, we knew the interior of the McCallister home and all of Kevin’s tricks to foil the Wet Bandits were likely to be the focus of our design. However, we also wanted to incorporate the exterior of the house and provide a different perspective on some of the movie’s most iconic scenes.

We took some liberties with the architecture of the house and the layout of the property, but in the end the exterior allowed us to include some of our favorite imagery from Home Alone including the Oh-Kay Plumbing van, the perpetually knocked over bronze statue, and off course, Old Man Marley.

This poster was an interesting challenge for us as we’ve typically been using two-color printing for this more realistic style. This time around, we stepped up to a four-color design that looks great with the fine halftones blending the colors. The poster is printed on a subtle metallic paper that will give the snow an extra shimmer as well.”

Noch krasser finde ich ja den DKNG Bat Tumblr Print, der mit nur zwei Farben gestaltet wurde und einfach mal aussieht wie ein Photo.