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Super komplexes Hintergrundwissen bezüglich der Geschichte Westeros gibt es auf Imgur von User HotBrownDoubleDouble (lol) für alle Game of Thrones Fans. Keine Spoiler, dafür Informationen über Jahrtausende andauernd Kämpfe um Gebietsansprüche oder die Gefahr aus dem Norden.

ca. 12, 000 years before Aegon’s Conquest
The First Men, invaded Westeros across the land-bridge from Essos, bearing weapons of bronze. In a futile attempt to end the invasion, the children used magic to shatter that land-bridge, creating the island chain known as the Stepstones. However, the First Men were able to reinforce by ship, leading to generations of warfare over the land.
The First Men were more numerous, larger, stronger, and more technologically advanced than the children, who tried to resist the invaders using their magic. It proved unsuccessful, however, and the First Men gradually pushed deeper and deeper into Westeros, establishing hundreds of petty kingdoms.

A Mapped History of A Song of Ice and Fire. (via)