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Apollo 11 x 2001

20 Jul, 2014 · Sascha · Internetgold

Wie wir ja alle wissen, hat Stanley Kubrick die Mondlandung gedreht und deshalb ist es heute, am 45. Jahrestag der ersten Schritte von Armstrong und Aldrin auf dem Erdtrabanten, nur selbstverständlich, dass wir im digitalen Mashupzeitalter das Bildmaterial mit diesem anderen Weltallfilm von Kubrick verbinden. Toll gemacht, unbedingt das Ende anschauen! Cutter des Videos :

Back in 1968 director Stanley Kubrick along with co-creator Arthur C. Clarke were making what would later become the greatest science fiction film of all time, 2001: A Space Odyssey. The story revolves around space travel and man’s place in the universe. Kubrick actually commissioned an original musical score to accompany the space travel scenes. He ended up rejecting those tracks and decided to use classical music from the 19th century. The result gives the film a timeless aspect that mid 60’s musical scoring couldn’t. Now at the 45th anniversary of mankind’s last great Space Odyssey, the Apollo 11 moon landing, I have created this short film using NASA’s own high def engineering footage and the astronaut’s home movies. The premise, what if Stanley Kubrick had directed the moon landing? (via Devour)