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In The Unknown Known blickt Errol Morris auf die letzten Jahrzehnte der amerikanischen Außenpolitik zurück und interviewt Donald Rumsfeld, dessen Memoiren Known and Unknown als Leitgerüst herhalten. Morris’ Dokumentationen sind filmische Meisterwerke und liefern immer wieder einen kompakten und pointierten Einblick. Ich bin mir sicher, dass er Rumsfeld nicht gut wegkommen lassen wird. (Hoffentlich fragt er Rumsfeld, ob er ein Echsenmensch ist!) Der Trailer sieht fantastisch aus.

In THE UNKNOWN KNOWN, Academy Award-winning director Errol Morris (THE FOG OF WAR) offers a mesmerizing portrait of Donald Rumsfeld, one of the key architects of the Iraq War, and a larger-than-life character who provoked equal levels of fury and adulation from the American public. Rather than conducting a conventional interview, Morris has Rumsfeld perform and expound on his “snowflakes,” tens of thousands of memos (many never previously published) he composed as a congressman and as an advisor to four different presidents, twice as Secretary of Defense. These memos provide a window onto history—not history as it actually happened, but history as Rumsfeld wants us to see it. Morris makes plain that Rumsfeld’s “snowflakes”—whether intended to elucidate, rationalize, obfuscate, or control history—are contradicted by the facts.

A Conversation with Errol Morris on the Nature of Truth, Photography, and Documentary.