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JAWS Re-scored by Hans Zimmer

15 Dec, 2013 · Sascha · Film,Musik

Die Filmmusikfreunde von Legolambs haben sich vorgestellt, wie sich der Score zu Der Weiße Hai wohl anhören würde, wenn Hans Zimmer statt John Williams als Komponist mit Spielberg gearbeitet hätte.

Since Hans Zimmer and his Remote Control Studios have scored every Hollywood film to be released in the past 10-15 years, younger viewers might not be aware that there was a time when movies were scored by many different composers, each with a style of their own. This often led to a disturbing variety and even occasional originality across one soundtrack to another.

Fortunately, Mr. Zimmer’s company is now so large that he has run out of current films to score, so the master composer has recently begun an initiative to go back in time and score pre-existing movies that were not fortunate enough to be graced with his soundtrack during their initial theatrical run.