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Calvin and Hobbes Dancing

31 Oct, 2013 · Sascha · Comics

via Interview3000

Ich habe keine Ahnung, wieso mich jetzt genau dieses Video so glücklich macht, aber ich habe gerade das breiteste Grinsen im Gesicht seit Tagen. Yeah! Hoffen wir, dass es online bleibt. Die sind da ja sehr rigeros, wenn auch äußerst freundlich. Die Chancen stehen aber gar nicht so schlecht. Animateur Trickzeichner Adam Brown zitiert nämlich Watterson selbst aus einem Interview:

It is my belief that Bill Watterson is open to fan fic and remakes of his works as long as there’s no profit from it. He recently said in an interview, “Every artist learns through imitation, but I rather doubt the aim of these things is artistic development. I assume they’re either homages or satiric riffs, and are not intended to be taken too seriously as works in their own right. Otherwise I should be talking to a copyright lawyer.”

This is meant as an homage, but it’s also about the artistic development of animation. I don’t think it should be taken too seriously as a work in its own right, but I like how it turned out and I want to share it with people! The frames referenced work as animation keys, even if they weren’t intended to be. I don’t think it detracts from the original to see them in motion.

Der tolle Track heißt “April Showers“, stammt vom französischen Künstler ProleteR und gehört zum “Electro Swing” Genre. Man lernt nie aus.