Amazing Fanmade Breaking Bad Title Sequence - PewPewPew - PewPewPew

“Fanmade” ist ja immer so ein dehnbarer, sehr relativer Begriff. Damit kann man alles von Trash mit Charme bis hin zu absolut deckungsgleicher Qualtität meinen. James Montalbano längere Titel Sequenz für Breaking Bad könnte nicht mehr in letztere Kategorie fallen.

Originally I’d experimented with a dynamic/rotating camera movement, but it felt dizzying at a certain point. I liked the way the show’s actual intro was very linear and boxy, straight vertical and horizontal lines forming the periodic table. To break free from that just didn’t feel right. For the opening, I felt it was important to see the elements come together, and the music just lent itself to that. I really wanted an element to fly past camera on the woosh at 0:13, so I built it from there. via reddit