Interview mit Mondo-Chef Justin Ishmael - PewPewPew - PewPewPew

Wer hier schon länger mitliest, weiß, wie sehr ich Poster Art liebe und Mondo ist da eben in Sachen Filme der absolute King. Collider nutzte die Comic-Con am vergangenen Wochenende zu einem höchst interessanten Interview mit dem Gründer und Chef Justin Ishmael über die Comic-Con Poster, Probleme mit den Veranstaltern, die Lizenzen mit den Studios und soviel mehr. Nach dem Klick die Timeline.

:15 – Mondo started planning SDCC in January
:50 – Signings had to be upstairs and no longer at the booth
1:00 – Mondo was told they were not allowed back at SDCC
2:50 – Yes, people actually attempted to buy the SDCC prints, who would not be there, despite all the warnings
4:05 – Moss Regs will hopefully be on sale in the next few weeks
4:30 – Ghibli deal was 4 posters and is done, now trying to get a new contract for more posters
5:00 – I sort of get busted for knowing a few things early…
5:38 – Justin talk Stouts Ghibli artwork
6:35 – They will be doing shirts of Tyler’s Ghibli art
8:28 – They are trying to get Stout Ghibli artwork done as a poster, but would be part of a longer term deal with Ghibli
9:03 – If this album does well, there could be more Ghibli albums in the future, possibly feature specific
10:50 – Justin talks about the 20th Century Fox Licenses, they have more then what was shown at SDCC
11:38 – Justin talks a little about how studio deals work
13:02 – Justin talks about the next Mondo Mystery Movie
13:35 – The next one, they want to do in LA, and will be bigger then MMM 9
15:40 – Justin talks about Dark Tower
17:18 – Posters were still be shipped to them in during SDCC for sale at SDCC
18:40 – The know now they can do 22 colors, which opens the door to doing paintings and work previously they weren’t sure they could do
20:08 – Would love to do an Edmiston painting as a print
20:30 – Justin talks Jason Edmiston’s upcoming gallery show
22:55 – Justin talks upcoming gallery shows through the rest of the year
23:50 – SDCC asked them to presell the prints
25:15 – Would love in the future to have a block of booths for artists also
26:00 – Justin talks about other Cons they would like to go to, or back to
26:48 – Mondo will be going back to Thought Bubble in Leeds in November, this time with releases