Movie Art for Jurassic Park's 20th birthday - PewPewPew - PewPewPew

Nette Poster zum 20. Geburtstag von Jurassic Park. Ist jetzt nichts dabei, das ich mir an die Wand hängen würde, aber trotzdem hübsch anzusehen. Jurassic Park geht eben immer.

“DINO-DNA: A tribute to Jurassic Park” is an online art tribute to Michael Crichton’s novel and Steven Spielberg’s movie masterpiece, which premiered 20 years ago on this date in 1993. The show is curated & presented by Chogrin (, who’s love for Jurassic Park was born in a movie theater back in 1993. All of the art above (and on the Dino-DNA blog) can be purchased through theDino-DNA exhibit site where you’ll find artist information and e-mail addresses to contact them and purchase a print. via First Showing