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Kurzfilm: The Forge

10 May, 2013 · Sascha · Film

Visuell beeindrucker Kurzfilm von Stephen Reedy, der die Geschichte von Eric Lim, dessen Schwester Selbstmord beging, als Fantasy-Martial-Arts-Kampf verfilmt.

“THE FORGE, an emotional, anti-suicide message in which a man battles his inner demon in a fight for his life.
You see… our friend’s sister, Tanya Lim, killed herself, leaving behind her savings to her brother and aspiring movie producer Eric. Eric felt the only appropriate use of this tragic gift was to make something both in her honor and to prevent others from falling into the dark place she fell victim to. To shed a ray of strength on people affected by depression.
The end result is The Forge. A short film made by a group of friends and strangers-turned-family that came together to make a re-imagining of the public service announcement in their free time over the course of one year. The production value is impressive and I’m particularly really proud to be part of this.”

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