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Kevin Gill ist ein Spacenerd und fragte sich, wie unser staubiger Nachbarsplanet mit etwas mehr Wasser und Bepflanzung aussieht. Ich habe auch letztens eine Zeitskala gefunden, die ich jetzt nicht mehr finden kann, die von grob 100 Jahren Dauer ausging und gerade einmal 1,5 Billionen Kosten prognostiziert. Also gerade einmal zwei Bankenbailouts. Schnäppchen!

marsstaubig He decided — not all too scientifically, he admits — which places seemed like they would be verdant, and which would be deserts. “For example,” he explains, “I didn’t see much green taking hold within the area of Olympus Mons and the surrounding volcanoes, both due to the volcanic activity and the proximity to the equator (thus a more tropical climate). For these desert-like areas I mostly used textures taken from the Sahara in Africa and some of Australia. Likewise, as the terrain gets higher or lower in latitude I added darker flora along with tundra and glacial ice. These northern and southern areas textures are largely taken from around northern Russia. Tropical and subtropical greens were based on the rainforests of South America and Africa.”


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